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Virtual University

Big "I" Virtual University Homepage

The Big "I" VU is the smarter way to build your knowledge base through online education and research, more than 18,000 pages to find answers to touch insurance questions.   

Big I Kentucky is currently offering one of VU's courses for CE: Why Certificates of Insurance, Just Why? for 2 hours of CE credit.  VU also offers Ask an Expert, non CE webinars and onboarding and training with EXCEED.

Why Certificates of Insurance Graphic.png

New! EXCEED by WebCE and Big I VU


Perfect for new hires or seasoned staff that want to re-up their knowledge base

Engage your team through competitive dashboards while you train, track and focus additional training where you know it is needed.  Courses are for training purposes only- no CE for EXCEED courses.


Cassie YoungCassie Young
Workforce Development Director