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2021 KENTUCKY DONORS (as of 11/3/2021)

Centennial Club ($1000-$2499)
Alex LaRue

Gold Club ($500-$999)
Philip Anderton*
Roy Riley
Jim Roe

Pioneer Club ($250-$499)
Tommy Adams*
Chip Atkins*
Richard Clark
Stuart Ferguson
Jay Hall
J. Miller Hoffman*
Steve Kinkade*
William Latta
William McCarty
J. Theodore McClain
Adam Murphy
Tara Purvis*
Eric Schumacher*
Bill Stiglitz

Founders Club ($150-$249)
David Clarke*
Kevin Desmond*
Scott Ferguson
Norman Hatter
Sharon Hill
John Ison*
Mike Johnson
Ryan McCarty
Timothy Murphy*
Carolyn Reynolds*
Paul Reynolds
Ray Robertson
Buddy Wilson*
Kimberley Wilson*

Contributor ($1-$149)
Malcolm Blane
Mitchell Blaser*
Brad Bolinger
Tonya Cothern*
Allen Crawford
Dennis Desmond*
Mark Dexter
Maddie Dobson*
Whitney Floyd*
Mike Hepp*
Stephen Hill*
David Houk*
William Murrey
John Purdom*
Nick Rolf
Donna Schlie*
Nathan Shanks*
Lisa Switzer*
Carolyn Thomason

*: Signifies ALL IN (contribution to both KAPAC and InsurPac)

Everyday your federal government affairs team is leveraging congressional relationships developed through InsurPac to fight for, and sometimes against, regulation that will impact our industry. It is because of the strength shown through donations that we continue to be represented and have a voice when it matters. InsurpacButton.png

2021 total raised: $9,955.00