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Contracts Guide

The Big “I" Office of General Counsel (OGC) has published a general guide to agency-company appointment contracts that is available at no cost to Big “I" members. The guide covers a wide range of the most important provisions commonly found in appointment contracts and provides key considerations and sample language developed by the OGC over many years. A few of the most notable provisions addressed in the guide include ownership of expirations, data security and post-termination rights.

The OGC encourages agents and brokers, state associations and carriers to use the guide as a resource when reviewing, negotiating and updating these agreements. The OGC will also continue to provide complimentary reviews of specific agency-company agreements based on requests from member agencies and state associations, and in connection with requests for assistance by carriers. 

As a reminder, the guide and these contract reviews are provided for general informational purposes and are not a substitute for independent evaluation and specific legal, business or other expert advice on these important agreements.

Access a complimentary copy of the new guide and the company-specific reviews that are currently available on the Big “I" Legal Advocacy webpage.​