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Telecom Services

Wolsky Telecom Solutions, LLC

no risk. no investment. simple steps

  1. Simply allow Wolsky Telecom Solutions to review your telecommunications services
  2. After their thorough analysis, you may approve or decline any recommendations. You remain in control. After implementation, SAVINGS begin.
  3. Savings begin! Fees are always self-funded out of the savings generated by actual reduced telecom expenses.

 our typical client saves 28-40%



Wolsky Telecom Solutions, LLC.

4780 Paris Road

Mount Sterling, KY  40353

Bill Wolsky – Sue Wolsky

Office 859-499-0102 – Fax 859-499-0106


Wolsky Telecom Solutions will audit and analyze your communication services costs for billing errors, make recommendations to lower the costs on your existing services, and act as your advisor on all telecom expenditures.


Engaging Wolsky Telecom Solutions to manage all your telecommunication needs allows you to focus your valuable time on what you do best.


Wolsky Telecom Solutions consultants have extensive telecommunications experience and expertise that will give you a sense of security the right decisions are being made.


Partner with an independent and objective expert providing specialized knowledge tailored to your specific needs.