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Employer Blueprint

Find, interview and onboard talented employees without spending thousands of dollars on the wrong hire

Who Is This For?

Due to the custom nature of our service and our money-back guarantee, we only work with select companies that meet specific criteria:

  1. You have between 3 - 50 people in your organization.
  2. You are tired of hiring people with no work ethic and who don't perform on the job.
  3. Willingness to outsource your talent acquisition needs.

That's it!  If you meet the criteria above, then I'd love to speak with you.

Here's What We Can Offer

This is a Talent Acquisition Program where we:
  • Partner with you to understand your candidate needs and company culture so we can define your ideal candidate profile
  • Help you find and hire the best-fit talent for your organization so you can retain them for the long term with a money-back guarantee
  • Assist to onboard the new employee, and develop the skills to properly manage and coach your employees to help them succeed

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If one of the NEW hires we place for you leaves your organization or is terminated within 6-months of employment. We will recruit a new hire at no additional cost or send you a full refund as long as you meet the reasonable conditions below. 

Reasonable Conditions: complete all steps of the program, and complete the 8-week management course we provide. 

However, because this service requires quite a bit of my time and energy, I can only accept a small group of new clients for this program.




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