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Edge Remote Employees

Grow your team with Edge, Remote Employees in Insurance

Edge – Remote Employees 


Point of Contact: Mike Litwin, CMO, 

Available Services: Remote Employees For Insurance Agencies

If you own an insurance agency, you probably know how hard it is to find reliable employees to do the busywork. Finding good staff often requires investing your time and energy into training which takes away from other important tasks.

Edge Ambassadors are fully trained, remote, talented professionals who are hired to help you streamline your agency processes. At a fraction of the cost, you’re able to onboard a full-time employee. We only hire people who have a great background – 100% of our Ambassadors are college graduates! As an added advantage, you have the freedom to interview our Ambassadors to ensure you onboard a perfect fit.

Edge can help you supercharge your insurance agency by hiring you a full-time, talented, trained professional for about 70% less cost. 

Edge Ambassadors are trained in both back-end and front-end services depending on what you need.

What an Ambassador can do for you Back-End:
– Process Quotes
– Policy Audits
– Office Tasks
– Trailing Documents
– Data Entry
– System Cleanup
– Plus More!

What an Ambassador can do for you Front-End:
– Customer Service
– Answer Phones
– Claims Follow-up
– Emails
– Agent Support
– Customer Outreach
– Plus More!

Because Edge Ambassadors have great communication skills, clients who partnered with us for back-end services started having their Ambassador do front-end work.

Let’s face it, remote work is the new normal – so much so that businesses are even opting to continue operating remotely to save up on costs.

We already know the time and resources that are taken up when hiring an insurance professional. By hiring an Edge Ambassador, not only do you save money but you’ll increase the overall productivity at your agency. You’ll be able to delegate tasks to save up on your time which improves your work quality and increases flexibility. It’s the perfect formula to increase profits!