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Operational Agency Evaluation

Identify and overcome operational deficiencies in your agency.

The Operational Agency Evaluation was designed to aid the independent insurance agency owner to overcome any operational deficiencies in their business. The assessment questions were based off questions Big I Kentucky frequently receives, services we provide and various risk exposures. Upon completion, you will receive a comprehensive report with personalized recommendations and resources based on your current opportunities and needs. With this on-of-a-kind approach, we are able to virtually assist your agency and find solutions to obstacles you may have.

The Evaluation is comprised of 41 questions about should take about 10-15 minutes to complete.

After completion, you will receive an Operational Action Plan. This customized report will provide guidance as you plan for the future of your agency. Enjoy this helpful tool that aligns Big I Kentucky products and resources with your agency needs. This Operational Action Plan was customized based on your responses from the Operational Agency Evaluation. Within this report, you will find recommended actions and selected resources to assist you in taking the next steps. The dedicated team at Big I Kentucky will be here to easily connect you or answer questions about our products and services after reviewing your customized report.


Erin Fosson
Sales & Marketing Director
502-245-5432 EXT 104