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What is KAPAC?

The Kentucky Agents Political Action Committee is a state political action committee that supports candidates in Kentucky who serve in Frankfort.

The Kentucky Agents Political Action Committee was established to support the advocacy efforts of IIAK's government affairs program, by raising money to contribute to candidates in a non-partisan spirit.  It is a way for independent agents to be involved in the political process, support candidates and make our voices heard through the halls of Frankfort and our issues and concerns visible to our legislators.

Why have KAPAC?

The law prohibits our association from making political contributions.  And collectively, we can give to more candidates and have a stronger voice through KAPAC.  Also, keep in mind that campaigns are expensive, we've all heard that more than once.  And political action committees are an important source of campaign funding.

Why do I need to give to KAPAC?    

The insurance industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the country.   Actions by state government affect our livelihoods every day.

What types of government actions affect agents?    

There are so many it is impossible to mention them all. But in Frankfort, legislators are dealing with changes in workers' compensation insurance, health insurance, and automobile insurance.   In addition, they have made changes to agent licensing laws.

Who does KAPAC contribute to?    

KAPAC makes contributions on a non-partisan basis.   They give to candidates who we believe will be open to supporting our point of view.  They also contribute to campaigns to assure we will be able to present the independent agents' interests and knowledge when it is needed to protect our customers and the independent agent.

2021 KAPAC DONORS (as of 8/6/2021)


American Pharoah ($1,500)

Secretariat ($1,000)

Seattle Slew ($500 - $999)

War Admiral ($250 - $499)
Kevin Desmond
Eric Schumacher
Kimberley Wilson

Citation ($150 - $249)
Philip Anderton
Robert Blain
Maddie Dobson
Aaron LaRue
Brody Layton
John Purdom
Carolyn Reynolds
Aimee Stumler
Chris Wiseman
Laura Yount

Affirmed ($100 - $149)
John Bell
Debra Buettner
DJ Carroll
Timothy Conder
Dennis Desmond
James England
Whitney Floyd
Neel Ford
Daniel Greene
Ryan Hanley
Eric Harden
Shannon Helm
Stephen Hill
Jared Pursley
Whitney Rolf
Adam Sheridan
Thomas Wong
Danny Yacker

Other ($1 - $99)
Chip Atkins
Dave Baker
Jarrod Ball
John Bell
Todd Benson
Mitchell Blaser
Chris Cline
JP Delaney
Logan Edelen
Brennan Gilliam
Cheri Grove
Ryan Hanley
Ann Heidemann
Tripp Humston
Andrea Hurley
Brock Jamison
Sarah Johnson
Matthew Meyer
Jared Pippen
Tara Purvis
Ray Robertson
J. Patrick Roe
Debra Sanford
Donna Schlie
Nathan Shanks
Don Stoller
Lisa Switzer
Damon Thurman
Todd Wiehe

*: Signifies ALL IN (contribution to both KAPAC and InsurPac)



Tara PurvisTara Purvis
President & CEO

Due to a recent court ruling, we are no longer allowed to accept contributions from unincorporated partnerships, or limited liability corporations (LLC). 

Total raised: $5,775.00