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Agent's Guide for Internships

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Benefits of Internships

For Students:

  • opportunity to assess insurance career possibilities
  • opportunity to preview a future fit with your agency
  • opportunity to develop job-related skills and train under both academic and mentor supervision
  • enhancement of employment opportunities
  • enrichment of classroom instruction experience
  • opportunity to earn money for educational expenses
  • opportunity to acquire training in agency management systems and operations

For Agencies: 

  • aids in recruiting and selecting future full-time employees
  • reduces the cost of recruiting and selecting full-time employees
  • provides a source of temporary employees
  • provides benefits from an injection of new ideas from students and faculty
  • increases the profile of your organization in your community and at the university
  • provides an opportunity to influence the structure of the university’s curriculum
  • experimentation with new positions or functions without having to make long-term commitments

For Association:

  • Developing younger members earlier in their career
  • Early engagement for Emerging Leader opportunities, events, etc.
  • Introduce interns to potential benefits, events, leadership opportunities the association offers 
  • Attendees for a pre-licensing class if offered


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Workforce Development Director 

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