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Independent Market Solutions

Access to markets shouldn't prevent you from writing business. Big I KY understands this and has joined with 15 Big I associations in 15 states to develop IMS - a standard commission market access solution to fit every member.

New or small agencies with little or no direct appointments can begin writing policies immediately.

Mid-sized to large agencies can place a niche piece of business to satisfy clients' needs without taking on additional minimums or placing less desirable risks with an existing market.

What You Need to Know:
  • No joining costs or monthly fees
  • Standard commissions plus profit sharing
  • Agent owns 100% of expirations
  • Own your book of business
  • Sub-producer appointments
  • Direct working relationship with carriers to help you build relationships
  • Opportunity for direct appointments when minimum volume thresholds are met
  • Exclusive Big I KY program
  • New carriers/products added regularly
  • Exceptional customer service

What are you waiting for? Let's get you started today.

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Access to IMS is available at no charge to Big I Kentucky members. 

*This product is not endorsed by IIABA*

NOT A MEMBER? Apply today!